Sharing our Strategy for Wake County

Connecting Families to Dignity and Self-Sufficiency

Every time Diaper Bank of North Carolina expands into a new community, we have the same goals: to identify gaps in the existing family support network, and to leverage diapers as a gateway to connect families to other services, build dignity, and promote self-sufficiency.  

These goals are more than an operational model; they are part of our commitment to bring lasting, positive outcomes to families in North Carolina. This commitment can only be upheld through distribution partners who embrace the principles and process that have enabled us to successfully and sustainably serve families through three regional branches across the state. Every diaper we distribute through our partners is the product of donations. We have pledged to be good stewards of those donations by ensuring that we can track their impact, eliminate waste, and support as many families as possible. To this end, we evaluate our distribution partnerships on an ongoing basis to ensure efficiency and impact. There are times we must make the difficult decision to discontinue a partnership and embark in a new direction. This has been one of those times.

On June 26, 2018, the Board of Diaper Bank of North Carolina voted unanimously to dissolve our partnership with Diaper Train, a program of St. Saviour’s Center in Raleigh. Since 2016, Diaper Train had received diapers from Diaper Bank of North Carolina to distribute to Wake County residents who were referred by community agencies. The decision made in June was the result of a lengthy year-long process of identifying concerns and attempting to build unity between our organizations. It was not based in a deficit in supply or a disregard for the families served, but in recognition that our two organizations had diverged significantly in goals and approach. Our final distribution to Diaper Train provided enough diapers and other hygiene supplies to support their outreach well into the month of August. We continue to have the utmost respect for St. Saviour’s Center and its work through the Diaper Train.

We invite the Wake County community to join us in our ongoing work and we reaffirm our commitment to:     

  • Serve Wake County with the same unwavering dedication and passion by which we serve Durham/Orange Counties, the Triad, and Lower Cape Fear.
  • Deliver dignity through our model which has been upheld as an example by The National Diaper Bank Network and used as an operational blueprint by diaper banks across the United States.
  • Create impact not merely in number of diapers distributed, but also in measurable outcomes for families.  [1] [2]
  • Never stop striving toward our vision in which every citizen has access to the basic hygiene products they need to remove barriers to education, employment, and personal fulfillment.

Thank you for your support.



[1] Kelley E.C. Massengale et al. “Health, Social, and Economic Outcomes Experienced by Families as a Result of Receiving Assistance from a Community-Based Diaper Bank.” Maternal and Child Health Journal (2017): 1-10.

[2] Kelley E.C. Massengale, Jennifer Toller Erausquin, Michelle Old, “Organizational and health promotion benefits of diaper bank and community-based organization partnerships.” Children and Youth Services Review (2017), 112- 117.