Nowadays the problem of saving family’s budget is becoming more urgent for everyone. The issue concerns everything, including human everyday needs such as electricity, water supply and so on. Have you ever thought of a shower head that is able to save up to 400 dollars of your budget a year? Presumably not.

Fortunately, the developers of the Nebia (a start-up from San Francisco) have thought for you and managed to develop a luxurious showerhead that really does reduce the consumption of water by estimated 70 percent and therefore saves your money. Being designed for approximately 5 years, the Nebia shower head claims to be the most efficient one ever invented paying for itself in a year.

What tells the Nebia shower head from dozens of others is the ability to atomize water under extreme pressure into millions of tiny droplets (in contrast to huge streams of water produced by a traditional one), creating a kind of mist which still can make you clean. It was designed to get more water onto your body while reducing the actual amount of water you are using.

In addition to the atomizing, Nebia’s multi-nozzled shower slides up and down the wall with the help of an aluminium bracket which makes it adjustable to different heights and body sizes. Moreover, the Nebia shower head is supplied with a secondary sprayer on a portable hand wand which makes it suitable for those who got used to take a shower with a shower head in their arms.

It is no doubt, that the Nebia shower head is quite an amazing revolutionary shower which was supported by investors with a big name, including Apple chief executive Tim Cook, but is it really worth money? With a price of $ 399, it is not cheap and seems to be an unattainable device for an average customer. In defence of its high price Nebia’s designers say that it is not just an efficient shower head, but the best showering device ever created. But who cares when a perfectly suitable traditional shower head can be found for around a tenth of the Nebia’s price?