Tempur-Pedic beds are undoubtedly the best option for those with chronic neck pain. People with chronic neck pain suffer from tension in the neck and shoulders and pressure point pain which disturbs the quality of their sleep. Tempur-Pedic has several mattress options which focus on every type of sleep disturbance allowing owners to reduce pain by promoting the healthy benefit of prolonged deep sleep.

While some consumers complain that Best Temper Pedic mattresses are expensive you need to remember that you will be spending 25-30% of your time in bed. Lack of sleep negatively impacts every aspect of your life so paying more for a great night's sleep is a justifiable budget choice.

While memory foam is something people automatically associate with mattress products, it originally got its start with NASA. The challenge was to come up with a substance which could absorb the shock that astronauts encountered when traveling to space. Memory foam has an open-celled structure that supports well while also allowing movement of air from cell to cell. Over the years since memory foam began appearing in mattresses Temper-Pedic has remained a front runner that other companies try to best. More and more options have emerged allowing additional customization for mattress comfort.

All of the Temper-Pedic products include some basic features to produce great sleep. Other mattress lines have some of these features, but Temper-Pedic seems to do it best.

– Soft memory foam with firm support.

–   Moisture-wicking and cooling fabric allows sleepers to stay comfortable longer so that sleep is not disturbed.

–   Fabrics are treated to reduce dust mite activity between washes.

–   The mattress is built to evenly distribute the weight of your body across the mattress to remove pressure points which trigger pain.

Bases are going to be adjustable or flat depending on your needs. Adjustable bases will rise to allow sleepers to sleep propped up rather than completely flat.

There are three basic styles of Temper-Pedic mattresses: Temper-Flex, Temper-Cloud, and Temper-Contour.Tempur-Flex

–   Adapts to you faster than any other style with the thickest comfort layer of any of the styles.

– Includes a layer of densely-placed coils which offset movements which could otherwise disturb sleep.


– The softest mattress you can get.

– Temper-Pedic's softest mattress collection Temper-Contour

– This is the most adaptive style

– adapting to your body's weight, shape, and temperature.

– Promotes alignment and support.


– Unlimited position options to allow the user to customize their comfort. – Massage options with wireless remotes are available to lull the user to sleep. – Bases can allow each sleeper to adjust their side of the bed to their specifications without disrupting the other sleeper.

Add-on options can be purchased to make caring for your new bed easy.

–   Removable top cover can be laundered easily.

–   Tempur-Pedic Pillows allow your neck to be cradled as well as your body. Using a stiff pillow will promote stiffness in your neck so choosing something which will cradle your head comfortably is critical to your neck health.

– Three different contour styles depending on how you sleep: side-to-back sleepers or side-to-side with or without cooling gel.

– Neck pillows specifically designed for neck support.

– Body pillows for side sleepers or expectant mothers.

– Travel pillows with support foam for best comfort.

Purchasing a Temper-Pedic mattress can bring significant change to your overall health and wellness. Studies show that people with chronic neck or back pain have up to over 42% less sleep than people without these sleep disturbances. It is interesting to note that using sleep aids did not change the results of the study. A reduction in sleep can cause numerous negative side effects according to WebMD.

– Low performance

– Higher stress

– Higher likelihood of accidents

– Poor quality of life

– Higher risk for heart disease Investing in a quality mattress will reduce the sleep disruptions caused by neck or back pain. By allowing your body sufficient rest you will perform better and enjoy your life and protect your future health. Temper-Pedic is proven to reduce pain which allows your body to rest undisturbed which means you will wake up feeling restored and experiencing less of the chronic pain than with a conventional bed.

Take advantage of the 90-Night Trial Period that Temper-Pedic offers to ensure that the style of bed is the best option for you. Temper-Pedic will work with you to try to resolve the issue and if they cannot do that they will allow the mattress to be returned.