Normally, backpacks have several benefits for all travelers since they are used as an alternative to miniature suitcases, small bags and duffel bags. Whether you are going on a long trip or you are travelling by a plane, a backpack has been designed with additional compartments and a tight fitting style that will ensure that you have a good travel experience. Generally, backpacking is an amazing way to go on a grand travelling adventure. In fact, it allows you to travel with almost everything that you need. Here is a backpack guide.

Features of a backpack

  • Has a lockable zipper.
  • Has a water bottle pouch.
  • Comes with a waist strap.
  • Has wide padded straps.
  • Has many compartments.
  • Has a water proof media pouch.
  • Some of them have outside compartments to hold smaller things.
  • Has a laptop compartment.
  • Backpacks has carry on sizes especially if you travel a lot.

Benefits of backpacks

  • Comfort; a travel backpack will exert less strain on your back as compared to other kinds of luggage since its weight does not affect only one side of the body. Typically, it is designed to distribute the weight evenly. This makes it convenient to move around with for many hours. It also has heavy straps with many of paddings to increase its comfortable.
  • Keeps you organized; since any travel backpack is made with several pockets, you can easily store items such as bottles, cell phones, mp3 players and other items in an organized way. This make sure that you stay organized while on a journey and to retrieve these items in case you need them.
  • Easy to keep; the make of a backpack makes it easy to store in an airplane, bus, or even a train. More so, its soft sides fit well inside the storage space left. It also has compression straps that let you push the contents down so that it can take less space.
  • Easy to walk around with ; this is probably one of the biggest benefits of a backpack. With a backpack, you do not have to worry about dragging it along like a suitcase as it is easier to move through a crowd. This is according to backpack guide.
  • Protects items from elements; since it is water resistant and waterproof, it protects your items irrespective of what the weather may look like. Most of them are made with ballistic nylon, polywick fabric, and other water proof materials. This makes it beneficial for most outdoor travelers.
  • Convenient; these bags are also convenient for any light travelling especially if you want to travel with electronics.


  • If you do not have many travel items then it is advisable to choose a backpack. A back pack will allow you to travel easily as your hands are free to do any other work.
  • Since there are no luggage checks you do not have to waste time at the check out
  • Since shoulders can generally take more burden, it will not tire you easily
  • With a backpack you can easily and quickly checkout of hotel rooms. You do not have to keep the hotel rooms just to keep your luggage as you will be moving with it.
  • In most cases a luggage makes you carry items that you wont need during the trip hence travelling with a backpack reduces the amount of luggage that you carry while travelling
  • It also saves you a lot of time while packing your things.


  • If you do not choose the best backpack you might end up hurting your spine.
  • If you pack your backpack too heavy you might hurt your back and your body. This might make you lose the freedom to walk easily
  • Since some backpacks are small, you might ignore carrying some things that you will need during the trip. Final words

When you need to carry smaller item while travelling nothing can be compared to a backpack. Whether you use it for carrying textbooks or other essentials, this special bag cannot let you down. Since it always comes in a variety you are able to choose the one that suits you. Essentially, make sure that you purchase one that will satisfy your need well. Above all, it is more advantageous than other travel luggage. This is the backpack guide.